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Complete selection of installation supplies for the Do-It-Yourselfer

Install-It-Yourself and Save!


You can install a Central Vacuum System in a new or existing home!

(Shown here-pipe installation in crawl space).


Shown here is locating, measuring and installation of vacuum wall inlet in an existing home. (Inlets can be installed in floors too).


If you are handy with tools and have some spare time...Install-it-yourself!

All the materials you need

If you're handy with tools and have some spare time, you can save even more by installing-it-yourself. We offer complete installation packages for the do-it-yourselfer, which include all the necessary installation materials - pipe, fittings, vacuum inlets, low volt wire, plus an illustrated instruction manual.

Step One - Choose your system

Select one of our outstanding Central Vacuum Systems, attachment sets and accessories that best suit your home and cleaning needs. For the ultimate in ease, add a VacPan automatic dustpan in kitchen, mudroom or bath.

Step Two - Calculate number of inlets

Calculate the number of inlets you'll need. (One inlet can serve an area of about 500-700 square feet). And be sure the hose will reach from the inlet valve to all corners (and around furniture) in the rooms you want to vacuum. Do not install inlet valves in a wall where there is a pocket door or behind a door. If you prefer, inlets can be installed in the floor.

Step Three - Plan the pipe system

Plan the piping installation from the power unit to the inlet valves. It's best to run the piping under the floor if possible. In structures without basements, the piping may be run through the attic or crawlspaces. In an existing two or three-story home, vacuum piping may be run to upper levels through cold air ducts, through the back of closets or under stairways, or beside a soil pipe. In new structures, pipe can be run through wall studs before drywall is applied. Be sure to plan where to locate the power unit — usually in the garage, basement, utility room or crawl space..

Step Four - Install the inlet, pipe system and central vacuum power unit

Just follow the instructions included in the illustrated installation manual. Soon you'll be enjoying all the power of convenience of your new central vacuuming system!


We have everything you need to install your central vacuum system


Pipe • Fittings • Inlet Covers • Low Volt Wire Mounting Hardware


Installing inlet in existing home


Attaching low volt wire at unit


A Central Vacuum is A GREAT WAY to CLEAN YOUR HOME!

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